Dr. John F. Tripp, PhD, Assistant Professor, Baylor University


John Tripp is an Assistant Professor of MIS at Baylor University. Before beginning his PhD, John worked for more than 17 years in industry as a software developer, project manager, and IT Director. He successfully implemented systems that served users on four continents, many of which continue to serve their user base years after implementation.

Dr. Tripp completed his PhD at Michigan State University in 2012, completing his dissertation on the impacts of agile development methodology on project success. His research has appeared in the proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems, the Hawaii Conference on System Sciences, the Americas Conference on Information Systems, and the Midwest Association of Information Systems Conference.

John has served as a reviewer for MIS Quarterly, Decision Sciences, the Scandanavian Journal of IS, as well as numerous conferences. He served as Review Coordinator for ICIS 2012.

He is the proud father of 8 (yes, eight) children, in age between 17 & 1, and is the extremely blessed husband of Molly Ann (nee McLennan) Tripp.

Latest Publications