Dr. John F. Tripp, PhD, Assistant Professor, Baylor University

Baylor Data Visualization (MIS 4V98/5V98)


Spring 2017 Information

Course Number:MIS 4V98/5V98

Meeting Time: Monday/Wednesday 1:00 PM

Meeting Location: TBD

**NOTE – When registering, select 3 hours.

Why is Data Visualization Important?fm2
The sheer volume of data is exploding exponentially. Because of this, it is impossible to go to a meeting and “show the numbers”. There are simply too many numbers to show. Data visualization allows an analyst to distill huge volumes of information down to a single (or a few) illustrative graphics.
dashboard_1Good visualizations present interesting relationships between data in a way that humans can process better than by reviewing the data itself. Good visualizations allow for quick comparisons and quick insight to be generated at a glance. Good visualizations can tell several stories at once. However, bad visualizations can hide important relationships, can show effects that aren’t real, and can mislead the viewer.



“Dr. Tripp’s Data Visualization Class provided me with practical skills that puts me ahead of the competition and has allowed me to wow my supervisors. I continue to use concepts taken from this class frequently and remains invaluable as I begin my career.”

-Nick Foreman, Accenture

Thankfully, there are many technologies that nodashboardw allow analysts to seek out and visualize complex data relationships, even when the data consists of millions of rows of data. In this course you will learn cutting edge techniques and tools to create rich, interactive data visualizations.



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