Dr. John F. Tripp, PhD, Assistant Professor, Baylor University


I currently teach three courses at Baylor University

MIS 3305: Management Information Systems

MIS3305This is a core course for business majors. It focuses on the strategic importance of information technology. As such, the purpose of this course is to help students understand (1) how technology impacts business opportunities and strategies at a fundamental level, (2) how technology impacts business efficiency and effectiveness, and (3) how technology has shifted organizational structure, responsibilities, and processes.

MIS 4V98/5V98: Data Visualization


This course covers basic theories of cognition and data visualization, including understanding how data types influence the decision to use a particular representation, when to us various chart types, how to structure data visualizations, and visualization evaluation. Importantly, we focus on the ethical use of visualization throughout the course. Visualization is a powerful tool, and must be used appropriately. Pictures are persuasive, use them well.

MIS 6310: Foundations of Information Systems Research

robeThis course has two primary objectives: First, it is intended to provide an overview of what MIS research is, by surveying the most important topics and themes of the MIS research tradition. Second, it purposes to assist PhD students in their transition into the PhD program by introducing them to the field and preparing them for a life in academia.