Dr. John F. Tripp, PhD, Assistant Professor, Baylor University

Understanding the Complexity of Facebook Privacy Management: Should I Control Access, Censor Content, or Refuse Friend Requests?

This paper draws on the recently codified APCO model of privacy (Smith, et al., 2011) to motivate and test a model of privacy in the online social networking context. Further, it extends and focuses the APCO model for the OSN context by applying Communication Privacy Management theory. Of importance to IS research, we show that the way users set rules and manage their privacy boundaries depends on their privacy perceptions and leads to their post-usage outcomes and continuance intention. We also find that users employ different portfolios of privacy management strategies in the OSN context. This research not only connects CPM privacy management strategies with intentions to continue using OSN, it creates opportunities for future research to explore OSN privacy and its complexities.